In today’s globalized world there is access to almost every field or
section due to technical advancement in technologies. But, there are some
organization/people who are misusing this advancement in the technology and
making it harmful or dangerous for important sectors of the organization and
can cause sudden loss of wealth of the common people.

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This kind of danger or loss of wealth can disturb the organization
economically which indirectly affect the respective country’s economy and its
security. This kind of danger can be termed as cybercrime.


There are different types of cybercrime such as hacking, cyber
terrorism, piracy, blackmailing, spying on national security etc.


Problems caused by cybercrime


Due to the advancement in technology, hackers are using various pieces
of new software to access into personal information of the people and then
demand for ransom money in return of the data hacked.


Nowadays, piracy is in trend everywhere in the world which cause a great
loss to companies for their patents, loss to the film makers, authors etc. and
because of this they can not earn as they expect.


Cybercriminals keep an eye on country’s sensitive and classified
information which can create national security problems.


To disturb and to scare a specific community or country, the criminals
do the cybercrime by posting speeches, terrible videos on the social media.


Solution to tackle cybercrime


To be safe from this kind of crimes one should always update his
security systems. At personal and national level, we should use updated and
advanced versions of the antiviruses so that the sensitive data can not be
hacked. And, there must be an awareness training programme organized by the
government to make the people aware about these crimes.




It is not possible to stop the cybercrime completely, but it can be
reduced to some amount. Therefore, we must be careful and attentive with such
kind of crimes.