In the decision of Atticus actually putting in the

In Haper Lee’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird racial tension is throughout the whole book. It occurs when Jem and Scout get verbally abused by Miss Dubose on Atticus’s decision to defend Tom Robinson. They also get get verbally abused around the town of Maycomb. It also happens when Jem and Scout go to Calpurnia’s church one Sunday. Again it is in the novel when an all-white jury is made up for Tom Robinson’s case.  This novel also relates to racial tension in the United States of America. In Kentucky judge Olu Stevens is treated unfairly for his decision to get a balance jury for a black man’s case. This event goes further than in the courtroom it also leads to the hallway,thats where a white man calls the judge the N-word. Also having an all-white jury for a black man’s case makes it a very biased decision. In the novel racism is shown when Jem and Scout are in and around the neighbourhood. An example of this is when the two children are walking home, Mrs. Dubose called out to them while they were walking by. She hollered at them ” not only a Finch waiting on tables but one in the courthouse lawing for niggers!” ( Lee, 117) This shows that Mrs. Dubose is against the decision of Atticus actually putting in the effort to defend Tom. Unlike most lawyers who get assigned a black mans case, Atticus is genuinely striving for a win with Tom Robinson. Even though Tom is against Bob and Mayella Ewells, however Atticus is doing his job. Mrs. Dubose’s behavior is not acceptable. Along with Jem and Scout getting verbally abused by the Maycomb residents. When Jem and Scout visit Calpurnia’s church, they also get verbally abused. This happens when the troi enters the church and one of the church,members shouts out. ” What you up to, Miss Cal?”( Lee, 135) In Lula saying this it shows the negativity that lula has towards whites.  After Lulas racist comment Calpurnia’s then replies,”they’s my comp’ny.” ( Lee, 135) Calpurnia’s says this to make lula and the church to leave the Finch boys alone. It also shows how Calpurnia does not believe in the separation of the blacks and whites. During the trial the jury was made up of all white men. In the society in the 1930s having an all white jury against a black mans case it makes the victory for the defendant very slim. In having the jury this way it makes the decision of Toms fate very biased. In the novel it says: ” … in our courts, when it’s a white man’s word against a black man’s, the white man always wins. They’re ugly but those are the facts of life.” ( Lee, 252) The tension is caused here because the whole courtroom knows that Bob and Mayella are lying. However in the society then, people could never trust a black mans word. The events in the novel also relate to the events in the United States that are occurring right now. Just like the Finch family gets abused by the town of Maycomb for defending Tom Robinson.  Many times in the United States this is happens as well. Judge Olu Stevenson is one example. The judge gets suspended from pay for 90 days for wanting an all-white jury for a black man’s case. This judge gets the same treatment as the Finches do which is not acceptable in today society or in 1930s society.In kentucky judge Olu stevens is getting a 90 day suspension for make a plea for a balanced jury for a black mans case. Stevens gets suspended because an attorney. According to the inquisitr ” … the attorney challenged the judge’s apparent racism, saying that Olu Stevens had dismissed the all-white panel during his case, which he felt Stevens could not do. …” ( Mark, 2) The racial tension in the courtroom is high because of the situation. The situation is the attorney feels that judge Stevens is abusing his power as a judge. Judge also had a run in with a white man 3 weeks previously to the 90 day suspension. On inquisitr the website mentions: ” … footage was released which showed a white man who called the judge the n-word outside in the hallway. The video shows the judge having the man called back into the courtroom, reprimanding him for the use of the word.” (Mark, 4) This incident shows that racism still exist, even in a professional space. Judge Stevens gets suspended because of a decision he made it to make the jury balanced. The judge decided to do this because of the unfairness that was presented with an all-white jury. If the judge did not say anything he would have had a biased case which would make a win for the defendant very slim. In trying to change the jury it shows the racial tension in the courtroom. The tension that is there is from a black judge not trusting an all-white jury for a black mans case. Therefore, the novel conveys a message of racial tension. It is shown when Jem and Scout get picked on because of Atticus’s decision to defend Tom Robinson. It also is shown at Calpurnia’s church. racial tension is also shown when an all-white jury is for a black man’s case. The events in this novel relate to events occurring in America. One of them is when a black judge in Kentucky get suspended for 90 days for wanting a fair jury for blackmails case. Also when he gets called the N-word by a white man. It also happens when a biased jury is for a black mans case.