My contents of dreams were related to wish fulfillment

dream starts in my house in Fenton Missouri. I am at home with my brother and
my dog Carlos. We are relaxing watching TV until someone bursts into the house
to warn us about the people coming for us. In the dream, we are instantly
panicked and know who is coming for us even though I myself am unsure who these
people are. We lock the doors and go downstairs into our safe room while the
first man that came to warm us goes to stop them. The “bad people” make it into
our house. We hear a loud noise go off followed by a rumble (a bomb I assume).
The door of our safe room busts open and the bad people are there.  We are “captured” for now but we are not tied
up or restrained, just secured in our safe room by guards of the bad people.
The man from the beginning returns and starts to fight with the guard. I assume
the bad people are not in our house at the moment. He fights off the guard and
tells us to run. My brother and I bolt upstairs and out of our house.

            We run down the street to our
grandparent’s house for help. Unfortunately, they are not home and we cannot
find a phone to use. I am running all over my grandparent’s house trying to
shut and lock every door, window, and opening I can find. I feel frustrated
because my brother is not helping. I have to start with the garage and two
front doors. Then I run to the back door and secure every window. It feels like
there are blinds everywhere I must close. I forget my grandparents have a
walkout basement in the back and run downstairs to close it. When I return upstairs
I find my brother in the master bedroom and he found a phone. We place
ourselves underneath a window so we can look outside to see if they found us. I
call 911 and try to explain what is happening but the operator is frustrating.
I keep trying to tell her where we are and she keeps asking questions that do
not feel like an order of importance. 
Through the window, we can see the bad people pull up in a truck. They
start throwing things at the house and unloading metal garbage from their
trucks. The dream ends with them trying to break into the house.

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            Sigmund Freud believed that dreams
had two types of content. One being manifest, and the other being latent
content. He believed the contents of dreams were related to wish fulfillment
and underlying meanings. Manifest content is considered the storyline of a
dream. In my dream, the storyline of being attacked at home, taken hostage, and
running from “bad guys” is the manifest content. With latent content being the
hidden psychological meaning of a dream, my dream would have a deeper meaning
than just a scary situation. Perhaps, in this theory, my dream holds thought
and feelings that may be hard for me to cope with. One of Freud’s defense
mechanisms is symbolization.  Symbolization
is often thought to censor the latent content of a dream with the manifest
content. For example, one might conclude running away or being scared of
something “bad” coming could be represented as feeling trapped in real life and
want to escape something. It could also be associated with feelings of
self-doubt, failure, or inadequacy.

            I believe Freud’s interpretation of
my dream could be accurate. If the dream were being assessed under
symbolization, my dream would be an acted out repressed feeling. Since I do not
know the person who was chasing me, what scared me about the person could be an
underlying issue. An action, their appearance, or what they might stand for
could be an impending threat I feel in my life as a graduate approaching
senior. In my dream, I feel as if I am the only one scrambling to secure doors,
locks, and entryways. This frustrates me because my brother is with me, and
usually my grandparents are always home. In a view of symbolization, I could
conclude I might be feeling overlooked, that my voice or opinion does not
matter. This time in the semester, applying for jobs and interviewing is
extremely exhausting. I am often worried there are better candidates for jobs,
and my fellow peers could out-qualify me.