One 10:00 in the morning but there was an

One ethical dilemma that I can
remember was when a stroke patient came in past our cutoff.  In our Rehab Department we only accept
patients up to 4:30 pm because our shift ends at 5:00.  This gives us 30 minutes to finish our
treatment that is why anyone who would come beyond 4:30 we would just send home
and ask to come the day after for their treatment and we also make sure that
all patients are aware of this policy. 
One day a stroke patient came in at 4:45 pm.  The daughter apologized for being late and
said that they left home at around 10:00 in the morning but there was an
accident near them which involved a couple of vehicles that caused a huge
traffic that is why it took them forever to get to the hospital not to mention
that they live really far from the hospital and they do not have any service
vehicle that is why they have to commute. 
I really felt for them but a part of me really wants to go home already
because I am already tired after a day’s work. 
So I am torn whether to send them home heartbroken or just treat the
patient and work over time without pay. 
In the end I chose the latter but while I am setting up for treatment I
am pondering on whether to just cut the treatment short in order to finish
early.  Instead of 15 minutes of TENS I
could just make it 5 minutes and no one would know, instead of 5 minutes of ultrasound
I could just make it 2 minutes and no one would notice etc.  This way I could go home early and still be
able to treat the patient.  It is like
hitting two birds with one stone.  On the
other hand, I also realized that the patient and her daughter were also tired
due to the very long travel that they have gone through just to get to the
hospital and I could not bear to give them just half the treatment that the
patient needs so in the end I gave the patient the proper treatment and I just
said to myself that this patient deserves the best treatment or care that a PT
can give and I am going to give it to him. 
Luckily one of my co-workers decided to help me because she overheard me
talking to the daughter.  With her help
we were able to complete treatment in just half the amount of time because
while I am doing exercises she was doing all the modalities TENS, ultrasound
etc.  In the end I felt proud and
thankful to my co-worker for helping me and being able to provide the treatment
that the patient deserves and just hearing the patient’s daughter saying thank
you made it all worthwhile.  I may be
tired going home but at least I was able to make my patient and her daughter’s
day a lot better despite what they gone through and I am glad I made the right